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    The Academy Gallery

    The Academy Gallery in Florence is - after the Uffizi Gallery - the most famous museum in Italy. It displays the largest number of statues by the famous Italian Renaissance artist "Michelangelo". First of all the David (1501), symbol of Florence in the world and the masterpiece of the Renaissance, brought inside the academy in 1873 to protect it from the bad weather.
    With its beauty and strength, Michelangelo's David symbolizes the virtue and freedom of the Florentine Republic, embodied by Palazzo Vecchio, in front of which the statue was originally placed and where you can still find a copy of it today.

    The San Lorenzo Market

    The San Lorenzo Market is one of the key stops on the tour!
    Whether you are individual travelers, couples or families, the city's Oldest Market is the ideal place to discover the authentics Florentine flavors! Divided into two section: the ground floor where the real market takes place and the first floor which is a food courtyard where you can taste any specialty from all over Italy.
    Outside, however, you can stroll around the stands selling the most popular items in town: the leather!

    Church of San Lorenzo

    Looking at the uncompleted facade of the church of San Lorenzo, it is almost difficult to believe that once, this church was the cathedral of Florence and that it was located outside the city walls!
    The basilica claims the title of the oldest church in Florence and hosts many masterpieces of the majures artists and architects of the florentine panorama.

    Medici Chapels

    Right next to the Basilica, with a separate access, there are the Medici Chapels which hosts the tombs of 50 exponents of the noble Florentine family.
    The complex includes the “New sacristy” that Michelangelo built to house the tombs of Lorenzo and Giuliano dei Medici, and the Cappella dei Principi, built from the beginning of the seventeenth century, as a mausoleum for the Medici.
    This stop is unmissable!

    The Dome

    A only one large complex consisting of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Brunelleschi's Dome, Giotto's Bell Tower, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, Santa Reparata and the museum of the Opera del Duomo. If you haven't visited this, you haven't seen Florence!
    The experience to get up the dome designed by Brunelleschi is unique, beyond the beautiful view that can be enjoyed from its top. It is the largest dome in the world and following the path that carries to the panoramic terrace allows you to better understand its structure. It is a grandiose and mysterious work, truly one of humanity's most important masterpieces.

    Bargello National Museum

The Bargello National Museum that we all know was built at the end of the ninteenth century, but a long time ago it was made to be a prison. Nowadays, the museum stores a lot of sculpture masterpieces, above all of the Renaissance, placed in a thirteenth-century palace, such as art works from Michelangelo, Donatello, Ghiberti, Cellini, Giambologna, Ammannati and much more.
 The sculptures made in bronze and marble that you can admire today, as other artistic items, originally came from the Uffizi Gallery.

    Piazza della Signoria

    Palazzo Vecchio, with its Arnolfo Tower, has always been the political symbol of the city of Florence, located in “Piazza della Signoria”.
    The building was built on the ancient ruins of the Roman theater of Florentia, dated 1st century. AD, still visible along the walkway of the Palace.
    At the time of Florence capital city of Italy (from 1865 to 1871), the building hosted the Italian Parliament and it represented for centuries the seat of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Medici Family.
    Today it is the headquarters and museum of the Municipality of Florence.
    Today the museum hosts wonderful rooms and private apartments, all results of Renaissance architectural transformations.

    Uffizi Gallery

    The Uffizi Gallery in one of the largest collections of Italian painting in the world and the visit to this museum will be an incredible experience, which you can hardly forget. Even if you are not a fan of art, you are going to be impressed by the beauty kept inside!

    Ponte Vecchio

    Did you know that the Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge to cross the river Arno until 1218? The actual was built in 1345, after a violent flood destroyed the previous one and remained so even during the Second World War, when German troops destroyed all the other bridges in the city.
    The ancients butchers shops, and vegetable growers shops which were able to unload their waste directly into the Arno, left their place to goldsmiths.
    Above, it is crossed by the Vasari Corridor, which connects Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti.

    Pitti Palace

    A few steps from the Ponte Vecchio we are arrive finally at the Pitti Palace. At the time of construction around 1440, it was the largest and most imposing Renaissance private residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany in the city of Florence, with its richly decorated rooms and the splendid Boboli Gardens.
    It currently holdes four different museums: the Treasury of the Grand Dukes, the Palatine Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Fashion and Costume.
    From inside it is possible to go directly to the Bardini Garden and Forte Belvedere, the Medici family fortress, a hidden pearl!

    Boboli Gardens

    The Boboli Gardens is the famous and wonderful Florentine historical park that represent the Italian gardens. It is an open air museum where you can walk among the beauty of statues, fountains and buildings where the history of Florence and Tuscany has come to life and where curious information is hidden about the life of the nobles who spent their days in the Garden. Anyone who goes to visit it, even just for a simple walk, comes out enchanted. We reveal one of the curiosities of the Boboli Gardens: inside there is "the lemon house", where it is possible to admire citrus plants dating back to the Medici era, which they themselves cultivated.

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